Marketers need to be adaptable

especially in times of crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the world as we know it. These changes significantly affected the way we live, feel, and perceive different things — including marketing messages. In times of crisis, people can be more sensitive to certain messages and respond negatively if brands produce content that is perceived as offensive or tone-deaf.

Empathy creates trust

and trust is what will make your customers do business with you

Your audience will only engage with people and brands who genuinely care about them, who can help solve their problems and help them succeed. This requires a solid understanding of your customers' problems and desires — which can only be done by being empathetic. Infusing empathy in your marketing enables you to deliver a true customer-centric approach and creates trust in your brand, which will turn your customers into loyal advocates for your brand.

What people say about our course

Audrey Loh

Innergia Labs

I absolutely love it! The 1 minute videos, the questionnaires, the text are short and precise. I love the flow, the engagement, the whole experience. It's informative but easy enough to follow for even novices. I would definitely sign up if you come up with other courses in the future.

Adrian Putra

Director PT. Protocorp Putrajaya Indonesia

Excellent course! Got more than what I expected compared to most monetized business courses. The case study scenario and step-by-step analysis help my team to understand and apply the insights into our marketing. Perfect for those who want to invest in personal and team development. Looking forward to another advertising/copywriting course!

Ricardo Kevin


This course is really interactive and informative. It is easy enough for novices to follow but still provides experienced marketers with fresh insights on how they can leverage empathy to boost conversion rate. I would definitely recommend this course!

Nicholas Liunardo

Marketer & Content Strategist

This lesson is easy to understand, relevant yet super engaging. Perfect for business owners, marketers, and people who are taking their first step into modern marketing. You and your team did a great job!

Stephen L. Putra


This course is compact and easy to understand, perfect for people with packed schedules who want to learn something new. My favorite thing about this course is, unlike other courses, they provide in-depth analysis on case studies and practical tools that you can download and share with your team. The step-by-step explanation and examples help even novices understand the material easily. I highly recommend this course!
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Lesson 1: Introduction to Empathetic Marketing

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Lesson 1 - Introduction to Empathetic Marketing

    • Before You Begin

    • Thinking Like a Marketer

    • Lesson Objectives

    • Writing with Empathy

    • The New Reality: The Importance of Empathy

    • A Battle of Two Beers

    • Quiz

    • Empathetic Marketing: Burger King

    • Summary and Reflection

  • 2

    Lesson 2 - Understanding the New Consumer

    • Shamir Glacier Anti-fog

    • Lesson Objectives

    • Getting to know the consumer in crisis

    • Quiz

    • Changes in Product Preference

    • Changes in Marketing Preference

    • Understanding Consumer Needs - Shamir Glacier Anti-Fog

    • Quiz

    • Empathetic Marketing: Dove

    • Summary and Reflection

  • 3

    Lesson 3 - Getting into the Mind of the Consumer

    • JetBlue Airlines: Teaching You What NOT To Do — Empathetically

    • Lesson Objectives

    • Empathy Map Canvas

    • How to Use The Empathy Map Canvas

    • Tips on using the Empathy Map Canvas

    • Understanding the customer journey

    • Empathetic Marketing: LinkedIn

    • Summary and Reflection

  • 4

    Lesson 4 - Infusing Empathy into your Marketing

    • Lesson Objectives

    • Infusing empathy into your marketing

    • Using storytelling to weave empathy into your marketing

    • Quiz

    • Empathetic Marketing: Nike

    • Summary & Reflection

    • Feedback Survey

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  • What will I get from this course?

    Actionable insights through interactive videos, case studies, and downloadable tools such as Empathy Map Canvas and Customer Journey Map.

  • How is the class structured?

    The class consists of 4 lessons. There will be a mix of bite-sized videos and quiz throughout the lessons.

  • Who is this course for?

    Marketing novices, professionals, business owners, and creatives.